ADDIE’S SUMMER by Mardee Louise Prynne

ADDIE'S SUMMER by Mardee Louise Prynne

Continues the story begun in The Education of Addie:

Here in her own neighborhood she felt more secure about showing off a few overtly feminine accessories. The local guys were accepting not only that Addie was different but that she presented no threat to them. A few of them were already thinking of Addie as a she or a her, and had begun to see her as cute. Addie was certain of that by the way they looked her up and down as she strolled by them as they hung around the corner. They had already begun smiling and nodding greetings. By returning their inhibited greetings with a friendly or even flirtatious “Hi,” a few were returning her tentative greetings with “Hi, Addie. How’s it going?”

In Addie’s mind that didn’t quite atone for the harassment these same creeps inflicted on her when she was still the ineffectual sissy boy.

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