MARTIN OR MARCIE, DECIDE! by Eleanor Darby Wright

MARTIN OR MARCIE by Eleanor Darby Wright

“You’re a guy,” said Sean Unger as I sat on the end of my bed in my late mother’s rustling, blue, cocktail dress and slipped the blue high heels over my stocking feet, crossing my nylons as I did so. My brunette, pageboy hair flowed about my face and my earrings jiggled against my neck as I fitted the woman’s shoes to me. I could barely look at Sean, so afraid and nervous was I, as he studied my femininely made-up face. His eyes gleamed as he looked at the red lipstick I had chosen to wear instead of my usual, muted plum color.

“I won’t tell anyone,” I repeated to the boy who had kissed me so many times in the movie theater and told me that he had been waiting years to do that since he had seen me as a Good Fairy at his house on Halloween. “I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.”

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