NEW GAME, NEW RULES by Mardee Louise Prynne

NEW GAME, NEW RULES by Mardee Louise Prynne

“Do you remember when one of those jerks said I made him look bad? Well, it was because he realized he was mistaken about me; mistaken like you are now. Sure, I’m pretty and I’ve always been very girlish but I’m a boy, at least officially. Oh, I know I look like a girl but legally I’m a boy.”

That explained that strange sense of foreboding, that feeling that I shouldn’t be getting turned on by Teddy. Despite the prevailing values of the fifties I wasn’t about to bolt which surprised me. Maybe, on some level I realized that Teddy had, judging by the lines showing through his slacks, a penis in his panties. I should have been panicked but I still wasn’t going to run away from Teddy especially not since I noticed the tears in his eyes.

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