WOMAN LEFT LONELY by Sarah Thorpe, a Mags Inc TV/TG fantasy fiction novel

Kevin accepted the drink and drank it straight down. One minute later he lay unconscious on the bed. This was the time Torunn and Helen stepped in and took a good look at him. They knew what was about to happen, and didn’t feel sorry for him at all. They dressed down to their lingerie like Vicky and her friend Sandra and started working on Kevin. First they shaved off all his body hair to make him as smooth as possible. Torunn took out some props she had brought from the studio and the foursome started to pull what looked like a panty on Kevin’s lower body. It was skin colored and fell nicely in with the rest of his skin. It hid his penis in a sheath and formed nicely around his buttocks. It reached as far up as above his waist and acted as a corset to give him a nice female figure. What looked like a skin colored sweater was pulled over his chest and gave him a pair of lovely female breasts. Kevin now had what looked like a feminine body. Not perfect, but good enough for the occasion.

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