Nowhere Woman by Kenneth Leigh (Mags Inc)

Nowhere Woman by Kenneth Leigh  (Mags Inc)

“She stared right back at me, humor dancing in her twinkling eyes, taking me in as I was her. She saw a male of fifty-one years who stood a shade under six foot and weighed a hundred sixty pounds. I have salt and pepper hair that hangs to the middle of my back, hazel eyes (I wear contact lenses), pierced ear lobes (!) and clear, unblemished skin all over. No, not electrolysis, as you might think, but some sort of childhood disease that took most of my hair from neck to toe. The only hair I have is the luxuriant crop of hair atop my head …I’d even had breast augmentation done and now sported a pair of C-cups that I was quite proud of. I loved the weight of them and loved the way they jiggled and swayed when I moved about!”

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