729 THE SIGN by Heather Berdrow

729 THE SIGN by Heather Berdrow

Darrell is a rock star on the way up and he seems to have everything he could possibly want. His many adoring fans don’t know, however, that beneath his working man’s jeans and T-shirt, Darrell always wore panties and other items of lingerie. Then a Mystery Woman who appears in the audience at many of his concerts starts leaving him notes suggesting that she is someone who knows his deepest secret.
When Darrell finally discovers the identity of his Mystery Woman, he is shocked. She turns out to be someone he knows very well. A male someone. Despite this, or perhaps in part because of it, the two fall in love. Darrell decides to live as his alter ego, Delia, full-time. His band members follow his lead and adopt feminine identities as well. Rather than turning off their fans as they fear, this change in the band’s lifestyle becomes a cultural phenomenon, encouraging millions of men across America to bend the rules of gender.

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