SHE MADE ME WEAR DRESSES FOR GOOD 2 by Janice Wildflower Gemini

SHE MADE ME WEAR DRESSES FOR GOOD 2 by Janice Wildflower Gemini

This story is the continuation of John’s transformation to Janice. It was initiated by his wife Joan, her girlfriend and beautician Doris, and the proprietor of the local ladies Queen Size clothing store, Mabel. Joan and the girls just found it great fun to change John into Janice, a cute boy-girl, dress him completely as a girl, make him up as a girl, have him act as a girl and have him actually hold down jobs as a girl. While John at first did not like being subjugated as a girl, he learned to enjoy his new status and after a while he found his predicament pleasurable in the most sensual of ways.

In the second book John, now Janice, experiences life as a waitress and then as a cocktail waitress before becoming his wife’s sissy she male wife, and then finds his place in life in his office as the new girl assistant. He is completely feminized and under his wife’s control and the control of the woman who continue to help him become the girl of his wife’s dreams. Along the way he shamefully finds out that he enjoys his new clothing and life style, which he finds as somewhat of a turn on for the new sissy. And finally he discovers that perhaps he does not want to totally give up his changes, his sensuous female clothing and new lifestyle.

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