GOSSIP WOMAN by Sarah Thorpe (Mags Inc)

GOSSIP WOMAN by Sarah Thorpe (Mags Inc)

He looked good when dressed up, and had no problems walking the streets of Hollywood as a woman. He had done that several times already, poking at people who snickered at Larry. He loved to walk amongst them, and many times he had heard them talk about him in a quite negative manner. If they only had known that the person they were talking about was sitting next to them, hearing everything they said.

Next morning Larry, or rather Laura, started preparing herself as soon as she was out of bed and had taken a shower. She took out something that was called a torso. It came in two parts, one for the lower part of the body, and one for the upper. It widened her hips a little, gave her a flat groin with the penis hidden inside a sheath, a narrow waist and a nice pair of breasts. The area where torso met skin soon blended in and was almost impossible to see. With the torso in place she put on a bra and a panty and sat down in front of the vanity and started putting on some make-up.

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