737 CHEATED, CAUGHT & CHANGED 2 by Lynn Brown

737 CHEATED, CAUGHT & CHANGED 2 by Lynn Brown

Conclusion…. Billy lets success go to his head and he develops a roving eye. Carol soon discovers his infidelity. It is said that Hell has no fury like a scorned woman. In Carol’s case, being scorned leads her to come up with a unique punishment for her husband.
If he wants to stay married to her, Billy will have to live as a woman 24/7 for six month for each woman he slept with. Billy is horrified at her demand but as he wishes to stay married to Carol, he reluctantly agrees to it. Both Billy and Carol are shocked at how feminine “Sissy” is and how well the young husband takes to his new role. To make sure that Billy stays in feminine mode, Carol conspires with her doctor to give Billy female hormones, causing him to grow breasts. Billy/Sissy discovers that his “punishment” is the introduction to a new life and a new career from him/her as well as expanding his marriage in unexpected ways.

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