740 SISSYHOOD by Cheryl Lynn

740 SISSYHOOD by Cheryl Lynn

Poor Stacy. Not only is he a boy with a female name but with his father on the road for work much of the time, he has no male role model in his life. Daphne, his father’s new wife, decides to fill that void in his life. Unfortunately for Stacy, Daphne has her heart set on turning the boy into a full-fledged sissy. With the help of her housekeeper, Henrietta, and Stacy’s high school counselor, she soon has the boy in panties, bras and dresses at home and in school. The other kids can’t help but notice the changes in Stacy, of course. One boy in particular, Roger, decides that he really likes the new Stacy, further confusing the poor sissy.

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