741 THE GROOM WORE WHITE by Jamie a Her TV mini-book

741 THE GROOM WORE WHITE by Jamie a Her TV mini-book

Two short stories…
In The Groom Wore White, Ann and Jeff are a young couple about to be married. They agree that they’d like their wedding to be a memorable event but Ann’s suggestion that they turn it into a costume party seems a bit over-the-top to Jeff. It becomes even more ridiculous when she suggests that they do a little gender bending with Ann wearing the tuxedo and Jeff donning the bridal gown. Before he realizes it, Jeff is being fitted for a beautiful gown, complete with train and veil. The role-playing continues when the couple applies for jobs at a halfway house for female inmates. Can Jeff keep up his feminine deception before the watchful eyes of a house full of distaff cons?
In Surprise From Mother Nature, when a tornado strikes, Don has to flee his house in the only available clothing, his wife’s corset. He finds shelter in a local center, along with the other town residents. What must they think of the male neighbor wearing the very feminine pink satin corset in the midst of disaster?
31 pages, 3 illustrations.

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