FOUND & LOST by Mardee Louise Prynne

FOUND & LOST by Mardee Louise Prynne

Mim asked me to bring a few of her things over. I left a note for my father, dressed and followed Mim’s instructions on what to bring to her after I pulled her car into our driveway. I was vaguely excited as I handled the petticoat and dress from her closet. An open bottom girdle, unopened packages of stockings, and a few bras, panties and garter belts joined the dress and petti in the small overnight valise.
No wonder girls like things like this. They can’t help feeling beautiful and sexy when they put this stuff on. Hell, no wonder Maude dresses like she does. No, but Maude is a girl, a real girl even though she has a dick. But what about Pauli? Pauli’s still more of a guy than anything else. It’s got to be that those panties he was wearing make him feel all sexy. Must feel great: even just panties. Wish I had the nerve to try it. Must be fun to buy stuff like that for your girl, have her try it on for you. That’s the way it is in stories. When I get of school and get out on my own I’ll try that. Hell, I’d try that now if I had a place to try it. Oh, this stuff has to feel so great on your body.

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