744 THE LIPSTICK DIARIES by Cellissa Draylor

744 THE LIPSTICK DIARIES by Cellissa Draylor

A mini-story from a new author….

Angelica is one of Cassandra’s Girls, an elite group of pre-operative transsexual call girls. Angelica is new to the ‘life,” going out on a cold Autumn evening on her first outcall. The Langleys have requested Cassandra’s most beautiful girl and Angelica is the prettiest of the bunch.
Mr. Langley is otherwise occupied this evening but Mrs. Langley takes a liking to Angelica. From there, things continue in a stunningly erotic direction. The author spares no detail in describing what transpires between Mrs. Langley, the client, and the beautiful transsexual who takes delight in satisfying her every sexual fantasy.

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