BEST OF TWO WORLDS by Stella Satin

BEST OF TWO WORLDS by Stella Satin

Includes Best of Two Worlds and Like Father…
Big women actually terrify me for some reason. Why, I don’t truly know – but think it’s because I tend to despise the smaller editions of the female sex – their stupid bitching about equality with males, when all they can think about is their goddam hair – or makeup – or clothes. I mean, they’re practically begging to be bossed about. They just won’t admit it.
But I look at big women. See their confidence – and their muscles, and they’re not the same thing at all. I couldn’t avoid working with some as I worked my way up the ladder and learned that I seemed to generate the same sort of response in almost every one, a sort of need to dominate and denigrate me. What made this worse was the very strong feeling I had that they could. I mean, I’m a MAN for God’s sake and the thought of being dominated by a woman – just because she’s bigger than me is particularly humiliating.

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