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# 654. FLYGIRLS DOWN by Monica James

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The time is early in WWII. Every able-bodied man is in the military, preparing to fight the Nazis. Sydney, however, is too slight of build to be of use to the war effort. That is until he gets an idea. Yes, he may be 4-F as a man, but what if he can pretend to be a woman?
Armed with the proper wardrobe and his gift of gab, Sydney is soon accepted into the Women’s Air Corps. Once in, he hooks up with two “real” girls who accept him as the girl he appears to be. Unfortunately, the three are captured by Germans and forced to satisfy them sexually. Nazi medical scientists take a special interest in Sydney’s situation, deciding to experiment to see if Sydney can be made into the perfect Aryan woman.

– A NEW WOMAN novel. (full version about 400 K)

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