753 A DREAM REALIZED by Heather Berdrow

753 A DREAM REALIZED by Heather Berdrow

When Betty Morgan finds Larry lying unconscious on her front lawn, she sees potential in the fine-featured young mobster. Aided by the fact that he remembers nothing of his life before the night he was left in front of her house, Betty decides to make Larry over into the daughter she has always wanted. With his new “mother”‘s tutelage and a heavy dosage of feminine hormones, Larry is transformed into Lisa, a beautiful and sexy young woman who attracts her share of attention from the red-blooded males of the species. Among her would-be suitors is Charlie, a rising young executive who knows nothing of Lisa’s past and is swept off his feet by her beauty. Before long, the young couple is making wedding plans. When Betty, in dramatic fashion, informs Lisa of who and what she used to be, she has a decision to make. Should she tell the love of her life the truth about her, risking losing him in the process?

We love it when transgender dreams come true.

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