BREAKING POINT by Carollyn Faith Olson

BREAKING POINT by Carollyn Faith Olson

“Do you think he had a plan for you?” asked Katie.
“Looking back, I think he did,” Bobbi Jo said. “I’d told him my inner thoughts and feelings and he took advantage of that knowledge.
“As Bobbi Jo, I went to live with Richie in his newly-built estate. He had become the CEO for the family corporation. The money flowed like oil.
“My transition really went fast,” Bobbi Jo continued. “When we were in Boston, Richie bought me thousands of dollars of clothes and had them shipped home. With his encouragement, I started dressing every day as a woman. I got so spoiled. Richie put me on the payroll but I never worked. I had an unlimited credit card and checking account. All I had to do was look pretty.

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Note: This book is the second one we’ve put together in a the new, more compact, Kindle-friendly format. I’m hoping this is okay with everyone! We’ve been doing online books longer than anyone…. going back a decade before the invention of ebook readers, I guess, so some of the things we do are a bit old fashioned. We’re trying to change that. The passwords should be easier to enter, too. -Ms Chrissie

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