756 BIRTHDAY WEEK 25 by Jamie

756 BIRTHDAY WEEK 25 by Jamie
A collection of short stories which begins with Birthday Week 25: Every year on their birthday, triplets, two girls and boy, celebrate their Special Day by regaling each other with wild tales of imagination involving men in forced feminization. The siblings vie among each other to come up with the wildest, most erotic tales and the reader will be carried along by their imaginative storytelling about ordinary men who find themselves in circumstances that require them to be all the woman they can be.

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Editor’s notes: I don’t really need to go over the whole thing about the format change now, right? :) This book includes short stories: Birthday Week, The Boomerang, Switch Nitch, Don’t Mess With A Seamstress and You Lose Fred. I know that the first and last stories are brand new – it’s possible we might have used one or two of the others in another book. I lose track sometimes.

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