WAGES OF SHAME by Stella Satin

WAGES OF SHAME by Stella Satin
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I had been waiting my chance. The handcuff wasn’t too tight and I’d been clenching and unclenching my fist to make sure that my circulation wasn’t impaired. It wasn’t and as I’d listened to the conversation between the three women, I’d been burning with shame and humiliation. I HAD to reaffirm my dominance over those sniggering females. I must admit that I’ve never been into physical violence – but they’d just gone TOO far!
Barbara had turned her back on me and I must admit that what I did was cowardly, but face it – I was a little scared of her. Wanted her weak from the first minute. Swung a hard fist at the back of her head – didn’t care if I burst my hand. HAD to knock the fight out of her immediately.
But it was as if she could actually see my move. Suddenly, she wasn’t there – and my fist was swinging through nothing but air! Then, her smiling face was in front of me.

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