768 LADY LUCY by Charlotte Mayo

768 LADY LUCY by Charlotte Mayo
Stable boy Tom is an innocent lad of 15 working for a wealthy family of nobility. Alice is a beautiful young maid who attends to Lady Lucy, the daughter of the owners of the great estate Tom lives and works on. When Alice asks Tom to “borrow” one of Lady Lucy’s gowns for her to wear to a village dance, Tom is apprehensive but does as she asks because he is smitten with her. Unfortunately for the poor boy, the theft is discovered and much to Tom’s chagrin, Alice does not come to his defence, leaving Tom to take the punishment all by himself. His Lordship is persuaded that the best punishment is to force Tom to wear the beautiful outfit for one full day. One day becomes two. Then two days becomes an indefinite period. Far from being the humiliating experience he expects, though, Tom discovers that there are advantages to being treated by everyone as a beautiful young woman of nobility, much admired by all the local men.

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