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972 Becoming Lynda by Delphinia Longstreet

His name is Lynn. He’s always hated it because it’s a girl’s name. It’s actually somewhat fitting, however, as his mother always treated him like a girl. He hated the fact that he had soft skin, no ability to grow facial hair and the body of a young woman. Desperate for a job, he finds one working for Deborah Parsons.

Deborah is a very demanding woman who knows what she wants. When she gets her first look at Mr. Lynn Marion, she sees exactly what she wants. Before he knows what’s hit him, Lynn is being feminized by Ms Parsons and turned into her personal maid. He resents the situation at first but eventually comes to realize that it is exactly what he was born for. When Ms Parsons takes the transformed young man into her bed, he finds out what joys physical love to someone you submit willing and totally to can give you. Continue reading

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971 Prisoners In Lace by Blind Ruth

What happens when you take hardened criminals like James Gow to Special Unit 69? Instead of 20 years hard labour in a high security prison or the electric chair, there is a special punishment waiting for him. But is it actually a punishment at all? That is what James Gow is about to find out.

James, who is now named Sarah, finds all this almost beyond imagination but realizes that it beats living in a cold cell. Besides, he expects to escape soon. In meantime, he will enjoy the delights of many ladies in the Unit. One such “woman” is Gloria, who, like James was once a man. In fact, all the women in Special Unit 69″ were once men, with the exception of Hilda and Dr. Jacqueline Love. Hilda has plans for Sarah and Gloria of a sexual nature which they are soon to find out about. The Big Question is will they conform to them? Continue reading

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She Made Me A Shemale Wife by Janice Wildflower Gemini

Tim, now Tammy, avoided jail in fear of ending up as a prison girlfriend, and instead opted for house arrest. But then he found that the woman in his new life planned to turn him into a girl.

On female hormones as part of his sentence, and under the control of his benefactress, her daughter, and the female staff; his body slowing feminizes. So does his clothing. And then he is taught to act like a girl while having to take over the feminine chores around the estate. And as much as he hates it all, he is just so turned on by his clothes and his new life that there seems no escape. Continue reading

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970 A Girl So Young by Dulci Daily

18-year-old Wendy (nee Wendell) looks like a pretty little girl and her domineering, man-hating mother has trained her in girlishness.

This makes Wendy the perfect candidate to assist the police as a part-time Molester Detection Specialist (MDS), attracting would-be child molesters to have sex with her and be arrested for attempted molesting. Wendy is highly successful as an MDS, but the job leads her into surprises she could hardly have imagined–some almost too dreadful, others too wonderful to believe. Continue reading

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969 Redemption by William Kincaid

By day he is Tim Hawkins, a mild-mannered ranger for the National Park Service in Philadelphia. By night, he transforms into Cindy, the beautiful woman he was born to be. It’s never easy to be transsexual and it’s even more difficult when the men you meet are ashamed to be seen with you in public. When Cindy meets Lee, a tall, handsome black man who isn’t afraid of what she is, she can’t believe her luck. Lee seems to good to be true.
With the help of two unlikely friends, one a female amputee veteran and the other a sexually uptight born-again Christian girl, Tim decides to make one last attempt to find happiness as Cindy, hopefully in the arms of Lee. He, meanwhile, has to deal with his parents’ conservative Christian attitude toward anything they perceive as gay. As much in love as they are, can Cindy and Lee find contentment in the face of such opposition? Continue reading

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