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987 Trapped Into Anime by Nick Lorance

Carl Waller is a young man, slight of build who, because of his physique, finds it hard to get a job. His parents are constantly on his back about it. Searching on the web for information about Japanese anime, a longtime interest of his, he finds an application for work at conventions portraying female characters from his favorite films.

With few other options, he applies and to his surprise, is accepted. Feeling awkward in the skimpy and revealing costumes he has to wear in public, he soon realizes that this is an occupation he seems to have been born for. Before he really knows what’s hit him, he has hordes of admiring male fans—most of them male—clamoring to take pictures with him. Occasionally some of them want to cop a feel or two, even knowing that under the “kawaii” outfits is a boy.
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986 Meet Misti by Dulci Daily

Mitch MacCraikie was just your standard issue boy-until puberty hit him. As his hormones kicked in, some of them went a little awry, causing him to develop what his father called moobs. Offered the option of having them surgically removed, Mitch surprises his family by opting to keep his new assets and starting to live as a girl named Misti.

His/her mother struggles to understand her child’s choice but has to accept it. For her part, Misti finds herself attracting a crop of admiring male classmates. Testing her newfound female sexuality leads Misti down a road neither she nor anyone else could or would have imagined. As things spiral out of her control, she can’t help imagining what life would be like if she could be the love interest of Ronette, her best friend for many years. Misti’s story resolves itself in unexpected fashion. Continue reading

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985 The Repertory Company by Jessica Matthews

Welcome to the ultimate theatrical TG Cinderella story! Meet Ian Morgan as Cinderella–a shy computer geek and amateur actor in an out-of-the-way local theatre company, far from a star as a man, who undergoes an almost magical transformation into Lucy, the glamorous star of a big-city stage production. See Lottie Baxter as the lovely young fairy godmother, who sees Ian’s immense potential and brings about his transformation. Drool, if you’re so inclined, over big-time producer Steve Cameron as the handsome prince who falls in love with Lucy and marries her–after first seducing her, for he deems it the producer’s right to seduce the leading lady, even if the leading lady is a man.

But whatever you do, don’t hold your breath waiting for the magic to vanish at the stroke of midnight; this transformation is for keeps! Continue reading

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984 V For Victory by William Kincaid

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and other more liberal policies are recent introductions to the American military, but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t LGBT troops serving in previous days.

This story is about a little-known unit that served a valuable function during World War II. Rather than discipline or court-martial them, an Army Captain realized how a female impersonator show could lift the morale of battle-weary front line soldiers. After convincing the brass that his crazy idea had merit, Captain Bancroft put together a company composed of the most feminine “fairies” he could find.. The “girls” delighted in entertaining the Allied troops on stage and, occasionally; under the sheets, raising morale—and other things—as they went. Continue reading

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983 Violette Enters Utopia by Rose Major-McMaster

Violette Vaulkner is a professor, trained in electrical engineering. She also happens to be a well-endowed, very feminine, TG woman. Dissatisfied with society’s treatment of the transgendered, she is elated when a friend tells her that the mythical land of Utopia is a real place and that it can be arranged for her to travel there. She does so and discovers almost immediately that Utopian society is very welcoming.

She decides to settle there and become a citizen of Utopia. As she settles in to her new existence, she discovers that some Utopian men have a fondness for harxaturai (the Utopian word for transgender women). While this pleases “Lady” Violette, she finds out that there is more to her new life than she previously realized. Continue reading

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