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Blending In 2 by Gabrielle Johnson

Tony, another man, kissed me. His hand went around my neck. Ooo! He pressed my head to him in a zinger of a kiss. Wow, did Carolyn ever feel it right down into her pink-painted toes, and her panties! I’d … Continue reading

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961 Savannah’s Secret 2 by Charlotte Mayo

Since being introduced to crossdressing as part of a ruse, Jamie has fallen in love with everything feminine. Despite being heterosexual, he takes every opportunity to present himself to the world as a hot young woman. As he is extremely good at dressing up, he eventually finds a job as a female impersonator in London nightclubs. Audiences are stunned by “Sensational Savannah,” as Jamie calls his alter ego.
Things change over time, however. In his late twenties, Jamie finds that his act has gone stale and has to get another line of work. After a time as a secretary (working as a woman), a most unlikely ally comes to his rescue and helps him revive his female impersonation career-in Las Vegas. Things finally settle down into at least a semblance of normalcy for the best female mimic the Strip has ever seen. Continue reading

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960 Evelyn’s Proper Education 4 by Elizabeth Anne Nelson

In the tradition of Adventures In Petticoats Series we present the fourth book of a six part story about Evelyn Drover’s transformation from a rough motorcycle gang leader into a toddler, teenager, and then demure young woman by his stepmother and her six daughters…
In Book 4, Evelyn Becomes A Sex Object, Evelyn discovers himself as a teen-age girl attending high school as a Sophmore. Evelyn adds to his feminine skills by becoming a cocktail waitress and maid for Mrs. Francis. When he tries to run away Mrs. Francis decides to teach him what Marilyn Monroe meant when she said that she felt that she was trapped in a rubber suit of femaleness….. A special edition with 6 illustrations Continue reading

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959 Team Spirit by Deena Gomersall

Chris Jennings is a huge fan of the Buffaloes. His mood rises and falls with the team’s fortunes. One day he makes the fatal mistake of getting lost in the city that hosts the Bufflaloes’ bitter rivals, the Titans. Three boys who are as crazy about them as Chris is for the Buffaloes see him and decide it would be good fun to hold him captive to teach him which team he should root for.
Once they have the slightly-built boy in their dingy apartment, they decide it would be even more fun to force him to dress like a girl. Over the next several weeks, Chris finds himself dressing in female clothing 24/7. Even worse, the three boys start using him as their sex slave, making him service their needs. — Part one of two. Continue reading

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958 Savannah’s Secret by Charlotte Mayo

Madeline has been hiding a secret for years. She has been lying to her former fiance, telling him that she has been raising their daughter in order to get money from him. In fact, she put the child up for adoption soon after her birth. Now, after 18 years, Oscar has announced he is coming to see his daughter. If he realizes that her story has been a lie, Madeline may go to prison. What can she do?
After much thought, Madeline decides on a desperate plan. She will dress up her 14-year-old son as a young woman and introduce “her” to Oscar as his own progeny. Her son is disgusted by this idea but reluctantly goes along with it. The disguise works better than anyone could imagine, however, and young man who has felt like a failure all his life starts to enjoy the feeling of being beautiful. Continue reading

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