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Inside and Out – A Woman, Part 2 by Eleanor Darby Wright

Paul took out a little box that instinctively I knew was an engagement ring.
“No, Paul!” I gasped again, trying to gain control of my wavering emotions. “I’m not marrying you! You know I’m not a woman. You must have seen that in the hospital!”
Paul got up, his face a mask, his angular chin jutting forward. He came towards the desk. I tried to shrink back into my chair, my hands gripping the silk of my dress tightly, though what defence that would have been, I’ve no idea. Continue reading

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Inside and Out – A Woman by Eleanor Darby Wright

One look at the stunned expression on Paul’s face, inches from mine, removed all thought that I’d presumed too much, as a girl, or overreached myself. He was as stunned as I was. Yet the desire for me, for me (!), was clear on his face, just as I had imagined that it would be some day. Our next kiss was even more rapturous than the first and drew him across the sofa right on top of me. Every nerve was on fire as my body became engaged in the chaotic tumult of my longing for him.
My ears roared. My mouth twisted to take more and more pleasure from him. I frantically pushed my body against his so that every wonderful sensation of being a woman with a man could be mine. Continue reading

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871 An Unforeseen Journey by Heather Berdrow

After the ties were released, and the final bandages were removed, I asked a nurse for a mirror. Did I really want to see what I now looked like? Was I going to be some sort of grotesque collection of male and female parts? I swallowed the lump away, and raised the mirror to eye level, and took a long look. Again, I nearly fainted once more. The image I saw could have been a twin of my mother when she was young. The hair, the eyes, lips and cheek bones were now identical to her. It was if they had taken a picture of her, and then painted her image on my face. But I was in for more surprises. My body now looked like nothing I could have imagined. Continue reading

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870 Strange Desires Fulfilled by Susan Strange

The third and final part of Strange Desires concludes with Norma, formerly Norman, being drawn further and further into his/her mother’s web. Margaret is determined to make forbidden love. There is no step she won’t take, no manipulation of her child she won’t resort to to have her way with her gender-altered offspring. As beautiful as Norma appears to be, Margaret must find a way to convince her to keep her male parts intact for that is part of Margaret’s disturbing erotic fantasy. Simultaneously, Mary has similar designs on her she-male niece Johanna. Can either of these new women escape the plans of their guardians or will they succumb to the forbidden seduction? Consider yourself to be warned. Continue reading

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869 Finally, He Became A Sweet Farm Girl by B C

The incredible story of Sandy and Ben, two boys who have been transformed into Sandy and Beth Ann, continues. As confusing as their unasked-for transformation is for the two, the powerful female hormones coursing through their bloodstreams are starting to make them accept-even enjoy-their new pretty faces and voluptuous bodies. It doesn’t hurt, either, that every guy in their school is drooling over the two hot new girls in town. Two boys in particular, John and Phil, have taken a shine to Sandy and Beth, as evidenced by the bulges in their jeans. How flattering for two former boys trying to adjust to wearing bras and panties. Unbeknownst to any of the youths, their moms have hatched a plan to ensure that the two young beauties stay in the roles forced upon them permanently. Continue reading

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