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Frat 7, Girls Better Late Than Never by Gabrielle Johnson

It took her half an hour of foreplay before Gillian finally took over completely and moved against him, pulling him down on her. She gasped at the size of his erection but she said nothing as she opened her legs again and let Max enter her as he had done before. Then, Jill was the sweetest most loving woman that Max Wagner had ever had. She wanted to kiss him through the whole process and didn’t fight with his hands as they sought to arouse her womanhood.
By morning, Jill lay in Max’s arms, rising over him, kneeling on either side of him as she let him bury his manhood into her. She bounced and gloried in his penetration of her, thanking him in her not too feminine whisper for making her into a Rho girl. Continue reading

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892 All At Sea, Celebrations by Philippa Peters

The war between the ships ends. Arrat, feminized as Lady Arrathee, is accepted on both ships as a witch, which means ‘she’ is a ‘woman’. She must practice what she has always known, making potions. She must copy residues and provide the cabin boys on both ships with gender-changing voices, hair and bodies. She struggles to identify powders and potions as well as resisting all the mind-influencing drugs she’s become aware of. But her two lovers, one on either ship, want her to take the potions that she makes herself and so become more womanly for them, in bed and in her workshops. Continue reading

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891 The Emperor’s Girls by William Kincaid

Jim Hughes harbors a deep secret. Since he was a child, he has felt that he should have been born a girl. To express his feminine feelings and to escape his disapproving family, Jim performs as Claudia in a Greenwich … Continue reading

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890 Strange Harem by Susan Strange

19th Century sailor James Lambert is typical for his day. He loves the sea and he loves the women who ply their trade in the seaports. Before he got abducted in Marseilles, James never dreamed that he could become one of them. He is spirited off to the Middle East where he becomes part of the Sultan Hussein’s harem. Slim in build, James is ideal to be transformed into exactly the kind of woman the Sultan fancies. Reluctant at first, James is beaten into submission until he accepts his new fate as Selma, a darling of the Sultan.
Strange as it may seem, he begins to accept his new life and body with help from the other females of the harem, who accept Selma into their midst and initiate her with frequent sex. Continue reading

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Frat 6 – Nice Girls Keep on Coming by Gabrielle Johnson

I just couldn’t stand one minute more of what Giorgio was saying to Marco, Tanya began again as she swayed on top of Alan, he hardening inside her. He held her hands and would draw her on top of him at any moment, she knew, kissing and kissing her, caressing her clit that was growing again as she caressed him, until speech between them became impossible. Continue reading

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