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860 He Became A Sweet Farm Girl by B C

We’ve all known a boy like Sandy. Slight of build and not interested in sports, Sandy always found it hard to fit in with the other boys. His life is shattered when his parents die. His Aunt Peg and Uncle Paul are willing to take him in. Sandy soon finds out, though, that he is not cut out for life on his family’s farm. Aunt Peg decides to have him help her around the house with the chores. She starts to slip hormones into Sandy’s meals, making him more feminine with each passing day. Unbeknownst to Peg or Sandy, though, Cousin Ben has also decided to dose Sandy’s food with feminizing chemicals. With a double dose of girl juice Sandy’s body rapidly starts taking on a girlish shape. In a matter of weeks, he has changed so much that it’s hard for anyone, including Sandy himself, to believe that he was ever a boy. This is Part One of a multi-part story. Continue reading

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Feminized at the Office Bk 2 by Patricia Michelle

Cherri tries rebelling until she shows her Henry’s cock which she’s going to suck if she does not do as she’s told. Failing to meet her goals she acts as the girl’s maid in what was once her own home.
Failing to meet her goals she’s demoted to junior broker and failing at that it’s decided she’s best suited to be their maid. Sent back to The Conover Institute she’s trained as a maid with duties that include servicing cocks of various sizes and shapes. Returned to the girls she becomes their full time maid. Then, salvation, 2 of the girls decide to form their own company and offer her the position of company receptionist and secretary. She’d do anything to get out of the sadistic clutches of the girls so she agrees. They rename her Stephanie and her life becomes, well, as good as it’s going to get. Continue reading

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Feminized At The Office Bk 1 by Patricia Michelle

High flying stock broker gets in deep financial trouble. He hires a woman specialist to turn the company around. She, however, has her own plans. She says she can bring in 4 women clients each with 10 million in with her if he signs a contract which puts her totally in charge. Which he eagerly does. Too late he discovers the 4 women hate men and the only way to bring them is to turn him into a “she.” To accomplish this he’s sent to The Conover Institute that specializes in totally feminizing deserving men. There “she’s” turned into Bimbo/Slut Cherri Creams. When she returns to the company she’s still a broker but also the company receptionist, office pussy licker and forced to act like a slut in front of male clients. Continue reading

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Enigmatic Ladies by Mardee Louise Prynne

EXCERPT: With surprising speed and grace, Philly twisted, swung her body and legs around so that her knees were on each side of my head and her bottom inches from my face. She leaned forward bringing her face close to … Continue reading

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Jailbait 2 by Eleanor Darby Wright

The moment I pushed back at him letting my lips open and letting the tip of my tongue find his lips, Donny pulled back from me. I have to admit that I was a little puzzled, disappointed and really frightened as well.
“You don’t have to fake it with me,” Donny said sharply. “If you want to kiss me, then kiss me, Melissa. Don’t start all that stuff you were told you had to do in Fort George.” He grimaced at me. “I’ve seen and heard a lot of perverted, sordid tapes from D Block. You are on a lot of them.”
“Oh,” I said and shivered as I thought about some of the things I’d done in learning how to be a woman, how I’d had to learn to hold my hair back as I did a blow job on a man. Continue reading

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