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958 Savannah’s Secret by Charlotte Mayo

Madeline has been hiding a secret for years. She has been lying to her former fiance, telling him that she has been raising their daughter in order to get money from him. In fact, she put the child up for adoption soon after her birth. Now, after 18 years, Oscar has announced he is coming to see his daughter. If he realizes that her story has been a lie, Madeline may go to prison. What can she do?
After much thought, Madeline decides on a desperate plan. She will dress up her 14-year-old son as a young woman and introduce “her” to Oscar as his own progeny. Her son is disgusted by this idea but reluctantly goes along with it. The disguise works better than anyone could imagine, however, and young man who has felt like a failure all his life starts to enjoy the feeling of being beautiful. Continue reading

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957 Evelyn’s Proper Education 3 by Elizabeth Anne Nelson

In the tradition of Adventures In Petticoats Series we present the second book of a six part story about Evelyn Drover’s transformation from a rough motorcycle gang leader into a toddler, teenager, and then demure young woman by his stepmother and her six daughters…
In Book 3. Evelyn’s Fearful Choice Evelyn has begged the Ladies Club to be an `older’ girl, and agrees that he should wear a bra. In order to leave his toddler’s world his step-mother requires him to make a fearful choice and he discovers himself as a fourteen year old girl attending ballet school and joining into other extra-curricular activities with the girls of Drover’s Point, including pajama parties, while his step-mother and sisters continue his proper education…. A special edition with 6 illustrations Continue reading

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956 Mother Please by B C

You Can’t Turn Me Into A Girl! After years of teasing and terrorizing his sister, Terry finally crossed the line and got her mad enough to strike back by getting Mom to punish him and making him wear a dress to see what it was like to be embarrassed and humiliated. His sister now had the upper hand and used it to get Mom to push the punishment further.
Over time, with the help of some hormones he doesn’t realize he’s taking, Terry starts to tolerate, even enjoy, femininity. Sure, he couldn’t play baseball in the pretty outfits he now wore but there was something to be said for having every boy, including his old teammates, checking him out. Maybe this punishment isn’t so terrible after all, even if guys DO want the new girl to pleasure them. Continue reading

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Blending In by Gabrielle Johnson

Diana said, “You’re going to be one of us,” signalling for me to shift my crossed, stockinged legs to one side. “Yes, the Exotic is always looking for new dancers and new staff, Leanne. You’ll fit in, after the girls and me have worked on you for a while. You’ll need a new name, though. How about Tiffany? Yes, Tiffany Scott, with that strawberry blonde hair you have. Continue reading

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955 We’re No Ladies by Philippa Peters

Just when you think you’ve read every variation on the standard TG novel, along comes this one. Janet’s never liked being a six-foot, four-inch tall woman. Most guys are intimidated by her height. Drew, however, is not most guys, not by a long shot. The two become buddies, even going out on a platonic date.
Soon, Drew confides in Janet. It seems he has a little secret. Drew likes to become Jessica whenever possible. The two go on a cross-dressed date to a costume party and although it feels a bit awkward to Janet, it’s actually a bit exciting for her too. Janet discovers that what suits her best is to be John, a tall, handsome man with a mustache who charms all the “ladies” in The Valley with his wit, as well as his ability between the sheets. Sometimes happiness comes along when you least expect it…and in a form you’d never expect. Continue reading

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