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932 No Returns by Alex Miller

James Kazinsky is an average young man. Good-looking, not particularly aggressive with the girls. All his life, he has known that his mother wished that she had a daughter. When her 40th birthday rolls around, Jimmy lets himself be talked into dressing up as his Mom’s fantasy daughter for the day. Ellen, his mother, likes the fantasy so much that she begs Jimmy to stay Jamie for a little bit longer.
A few days become weeks as she arranges for ‘her’ to model for magazine covers. With the help of some surreptitious physical remodeling and hormone treatments, Jimmy finds himself emotionally immersed in the world of Jamie. That fact that his new girlfriend Angie seems to prefer him as a hot chick gives him second thoughts about returning to the world of masculinity. Continue reading

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She Made Me Her Obedient Crossdressing Sissy Husband

Robin is forced to become an obedient cross dressing husband who, despite his resistance, finds himself turned on by lingerie, being forced to cross-dress and being forced to act femininely as he is forced to learn all the female skills needed by a feminized male.
And despite trying to resist these pleasures, the compulsions and false memories implanted in him under drugs and hypnosis are too strong and too pleasurable to resist. Continue reading

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931 Undertow by Jasmine Jeffers

UNDERTOW is the story of a young male college graduate who considers himself fortunate to immediately land a job with a prestigious Seattle private investigation firm.
Dressed as a company receptionist, the young man wades deeper into the corporate ocean while the sand continues to erode beneath his feet. He plunges into the role, only to underestimate the strength of the current. Around him swim the criminals— possible bank robbers, extortionists, and the sharks of an international prostitution ring. Continue reading

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930 TT Girl by Charlotte Mayo

Marc Stimson is British young man. While reasonably good looking, there is nothing about Marc that would cause you to think he’s anything out of the ordinary. With the encouragement of his well-to-do father, Marc wants to be motorcycle racing champion. He’s good at it too. He has the athletic ability to possibly go all the way in the sport.
Only one thing stands in his way: his deep, abiding interest in crossdressing. While his two sisters know about Marc’s ‘hobby,” he needs to keep it a secret from the rest of the world as the racing community would never stand for a competitor who wears women’s underwear beneath his leathers. Nor would the groupies who flock to him as he moves up the ladder in the cycling world. How can Marc reconcile being a macho racer by day and a faux-girl by night? Continue reading

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929 Fraternal Twins by Monica James

After their parents’ deaths, fraternal twins Seth and Sybil Penrod decide to spend some of their inheritance in Paris. If they had only known what the trip would lead to, they probably would have gone to somewhere other than the City of Light.
Before they know what’s happening, the two siblings are caught up in a world of people, including a sinister Samoan, who would happily exploit their confusion about their sexuality and genders. It seems there is a seedy underworld filled with those who would pay top dollar to have their way with twins who are no longer in the bodies they were born with. What sacrifices will they have to make to protect each other from being forced to change gender-and do they want to avoid that fate? Continue reading

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