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898 Rainbow School Teachers Journal by E. B. Stevenson

The Rainbow School for Girls is a very special school. This school, for girls in grades seven through twelve, is different from the others in one respect: it admits transgender girls in addition to girls (born female) who are troubled. We first met the girls at this school in book 808.
In this edition, we hear from several of the teachers. Through their personal journals, we learn about the trials of transition, the lives and loves of the many transgender young ladies who are fortunate to enjoy the safe environment of this special academy. Continue reading

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897 Lady Stocking Lover 2 by Blind Ruth

Inspector George Bentley is making no headway in his case of the serial killer. It seems drastic methods will have to be employed. His now-girlfriend Josephine Briggs suggests that someone from the Barchester police force will have to dress in women’s clothes to lure this killer into the open.
George decides that Constable David Blackmore is the one that will wear the skirt. David Blackmore, now named Fiona, is in a dilemma. While he/she wants to do the right thing and catch this killer, his relationship with his/her wife Janet has hit a sticky patch. Just what is Janet going to think of her husband dressed in women’s clothes? Continue reading

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896 Lingering Feelings by Alex Miller

New author Alex Miller brings us a Her TV tale… finally!
Ethan may be a little soft-seeming for a boy but he is a boy nevertheless. Not that that’s an easy thing to be with a controlling mother and a conniving step-sister to contend with. When the two scheming females decided that some “changes” need to be made to the boy, he’s no match for their plans.
Before he knows what’s hit him, poor Ethan is manipulated into becoming Jenny, a lovely young woman dressed in expensive, beautiful clothing. Girlhood is powerful and Ethan finds himself submitting to the seductive feel of nylon and satin. Continue reading

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Oh, Brother! by Eleanor Darby Wright

I gasped as she worked her panties right down her stockings, “Samantha, I don’t want to do this!.” She took my penis, my aroused, hard penis, and sort of sat on me. I couldn’t believe what she wanted me to do. I was kissing her as she was doing it. I was holding her tush tight, and was growing as I always did when a woman was touching me all over. But the thing was that I was sliding my aroused manhood into her tush as if it belonged there. Her hands helped me to enter and penetrate her wiggling tush.
Samantha demanded, “Who am I?” as I clung to her garters and caressed her soft skin while I kissed her chest, the French scent arousing me so. I was inside her tight passage. I was entering a woman… if I ignored the other hard thing pressing against my abdomen. Continue reading

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Bambi La Belle 2 by Eleanor Darby Wright

Vidal studied the blonde girl in her summery, white dress, the short blonde, pageboy wig suiting her so well. She wore just a little makeup and looked devastatingly pretty beside Angela and the Countess. The two real women sat at the breakfast table and plied Bambi, quietly posed with crossed legs, with questions about tennis and golf which seemed to be the main activities of the afternoon for the Count’s enormous house party. Bambi smiled and answered, in disconcerting, female style, that she wasn’t an athlete of any kind. The women gave her knowing smiles which she ignored. Continue reading

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