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She Made Me Her Mom’s Shemale Maid Bk 2 by Janice Wildflower Gemini

Mel becomes Melisa, a full time maid and companion for his mother-in-law who plans to keep him as her feminized companion forever. In book I he was feminized with lingerie and hormones. In book II Mel agrees to a trip to the local cross dressers boutique to purchase for himself a complete feminine wardrobe to be worn full time; which are to be his only clothes, as he will only engage in female activities outside of work. However, problems at the boutique force Mel to agree to contract himself into servitude as a full time fully feminized cross dressed male maid in complete makeup. His makeover from Mel to Melisa includes a full feminine make over with his face and his voice being surgically feminized and semi-permanent makeup is applied, and the full time wearing of only female clothing. And so there is not escape for Mel from his new feminized persona. Mel will become Melisa. Continue reading

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The Night by Tawni Katherine Bonds

THE NIGHT – a thrilling adventure of sizzling, sensual, longing and the surprise fulfillment of forbidden fantasy. Away from home in the privacy of his hotel room, Richard dresses as the female that he has always wished he could be. All is well until he steps onto his balcony to feel the breeze on his newly shaven legs.
This becomes the catalyst that takes him through the world of forced cross-dressing, bondage, deep, hot sensuality and erotic. Shocking. Surprising. Amazing. A dream come true for all cross dressers and those who feel ambigendered.
THE NIGHT comes to you from author and internet icon, Tawni Bonds. She is known for her tasteful internet photos and eagerness to embrace all things erotic, bondage and classy-trashy! Continue reading

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880 Polymorph by Dee Dee Perri

I don’t think men were meant to experience maternal instincts. It was kind’a like lust but on a different plane. A hunger for having a baby had to be some deeply wired brain thing that men just didn’t have, right? I felt a growing helplessness, as a twisted abnormal compulsion rose up inside me. I felt… the certainty of a well-fed, well defined maternal urge, a desire that was as palpable as a teenaged boy’s desire to stick his thingy into a woman, the site and/or woman to be named later. An alien desire that was no longer alien, an instinct upon which humanity’s existence ultimately depended: I wanted to be a mommy! There wasn’t anything more female than that, right? Either that curse had really re-wired my brain or… Continue reading

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879 Looking For My Beau by Dee West

This powerfully elegant story is unlike any transgender tale you’ve ever read. A young man is searching for-what? Himself perhaps? His search leads him to put on some women’s clothing and head to a seedy part of the city where he encounters a male-female pair of cops. They question him about why he’s there-but that simple interaction hides the cops’ true intentions. As it turns out, they know things about him he doesn’t even realize about himself. His seemingly casual interaction with them leads him down a road of discovery, both emotional and sexual, as he begins to understand the woman who has been living inside him all along. Continue reading

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878 Anne’s Dreams Come True by Dulci Daily

Anne is in an unhappy marriage to Dr. Richard Oglestone. Nothing unusual about that on the surface except for the fact that Anne is actually male, a transvestite. Anne would love nothing more than to be able to get out of her marriage in order to wed Jeannette, the love of her life. Richard, famous as the Moob Doctor in late-night TV ads, made his fortune helping young men with gynecomastia. He is amenable to granting Anne a divorce but he fears what that will do to his reputation (he and Anne served as the spokespersons for a pro-gay marriage campaign). Serving to complicate matters are Bob Stimson IV, a rabidly anti-gay marriage crusader and The Informer, a sleazy tabloid. Continue reading

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