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Derailed by Jeri Ellen

Louis Carley is an unassuming young man who is not interested in a blue collar job like his father. He becomes a promising journalism student and gets noticed by local media outlets for his reporting skills.
He is given a summer internship in England by a tabloid on the condition that he discretely investigate the mysterious disappearance of a number of men associated with Laura Wentworth, a very successful British financier.
Just before leaving England for home he is abducted, blackmailed and forced to under go feminization and sissification to become a male maid. Too late, he, like the missing men, aren’t ever going to be found because these men are now living and working as feminized male maids. Continue reading

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How I became My Wife’s Pony by Patricia Michelle

Robert’s wife, Hilary, is an avid horsewoman. Sadly, one day her favorite horse comes up lame and is taken to the vet. Feeling sorry for her, he remembers Hilary riding on his shoulders at the beach and volunteers to let her ride him until the horse recovers. As days go by, she starts treating him more and more like a real pony: First pretend hooves, then a harness, then a collar. She rewards his pony-like behavior with handjobs – and punishes him with her crop when he fails to behave like a good pony.
Robert is powerless to stop his transformation, even when she inserts a cruel bit and actual pony boots. He is shocked one day when he is shown-off to other women who also own male ponies.
The women decide to sharpen up his performance. First come higher hooves, then a tighter harness, and finally he’s prettied up with ears and a tail permanently attached. Continue reading

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Marilyn and Tedly by Bebe Talons

Ted’s mouth dropped open in complete surprise as he stumbled to his feet. “Oh, Miss Monroe,” he whispered, “I thought you were dead!” he mumbled in his confusion.
Before him stood an almost exact reincarnation of the late Hollywood movie star, Miss Marilyn Monroe! She twirled, her white, pleated skirt flowing seductively around her nylon encased legs until she stopped, posing prettily atop her four inch high heeled sandals for his admiration.
“Marlin?” he gasped.
“In the flesh, Tedly,” the beskirted boy whispered seductively. “Only I’m Marilyn now.” Continue reading

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Bambi La Belle by Eleanor Darby Wright

I look like that when I perform, thought Bambi Labelle, as she watched the whole, uplifting performance. She clapped wildly at the finale as all of the dancers and singers finally spread across the stage.
“Well,” said Angela as many of the patrons rose to their feet and applauded. “It wasn’t that good, was it? None of this was real.”
“Oh, Angela,” said the Countess, standing up with the people around them and applauding just as Hélène was doing. “It was a fabulous show. Now you can see why the sissies are down here with us. If they ever were as perfect as the girls up there, they wouldn’t be serving us. And Vidal,” she laid her hand on Vidal’s as he was beaming and applauding just like everyone else around them, “there was this beautiful girl in the show last week who wasn’t there today. LaBelle, the beautiful girl, that was her name. Where is she today? Continue reading

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874 Kirsten and Sarah by Delphinia Longstreet

When answering help wanted ads, please bear in mind that all may not be what it seems! Especially if you are volunteering yourself to work on an experiment by Solutions, Ltd. But then again, a job is a job, right? So we’ll find out what twisted fate is in store for poor Sarad …or should I say, Sarah? But all is not lost: there maybe new hope – and love – that awaits! Continue reading

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