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888 Too Naughty For Bedtime by Nick Lorance

Three stories about men transformed into females, all involving magic. A magical island, a mysterious costume shop, and a faerie godmother with a difference. All of these and more are employed to turn girls into hot chicks. Oh, and did I mention the sex? There’s lots of that, too, as our New Girls try out their New Equipment with willing partners of both genders. Continue reading

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887 Best Christmas Present Ever by Delphinia Longstreet

If you met R.C. Lawton, you’d probably make a lot of assumptions about him; being a man who likes other men in dresses wouldn’t be one of them. R.C. never acted on that impulse, that is until he retired from the service and went to work at a furniture factory in Montana. That’s where he met Ronny, the delicate son of the factory boss. R.C. is immediately smitten by the pretty young man, despite his attempts to suppress his urges. When Ronny literally falls into his arms when the two of them are at the beach, R.C. can hold back no more. Circumstances threaten to keep the two apart and it looks as though their forbidden love will never be consummated. If R.C. can figure out a way to get together with the person he loves, he will have the best Christmas present he could possibly have. What is in store for these star-crossed lovers? Continue reading

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886 McCloud’s Daughter by Delphinia Longstreet

Mack McCloud is an alcoholic. To him, the world has lost all meaning since the death of his beloved daughter, Mickey. When Ms Koch offers to help him, he rejects her offer out of hand. Six months later, after drying out, he discovers that she had the solution to his problem all along.
Enter Michells, who helps him find himself and the life he wants. Things are not exactly as they seem, though, and he finds that what he wanted was not really what he desired! It is up to Michelle, Ms Koch, Butch, Teri and others to help him find true happiness.
Will they succeed? Will good triumph over despair? Will love win out over all obstacles? Or, are they all doomed to failure? Read on. . . Continue reading

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885 Wise Child by Dee West

Secrets. Many a family has them but for one young man, his life is defined by the secrets kept from him by his relatives. Something in his mind tells him that he is different, in a way that he cannot put into words. A fleeting kiss from a high school friend, a football player, gives him feelings that provide a hint as to what his difference might be but it takes him years before he can put the pieces together. Only when he finds out what really happened to his father and why his mother always seemed to have a secret of her own is he able to begin a journey of self-discovery that leads him back to his old friend from high school in a new role. A role that requires wearing dresses, heels, and makeup, a role that requires him to become a mother, as another family member had so many years before. Continue reading

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884 Womansville by Blind Ruth

Claire Morgan and her daughter Gayle arrived in the legendary town of Womansville to live out the rest of their lives. This is the place where all dress in skirts or frocks, be they man or woman.
For young Gayle Morgan this is indeed an adventure of finding out what many women there have under their skirts. Ordinary boys no longer interest her, for there are no ordinary boys in Womansville. Gayle has great fun dominating the she-males in that town the only type of women she is now interested in. Yvette, an older woman and her mother’s Personal Maid, encourages Gayle in this pursuit of she-males and her domination of them. Continue reading

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