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939 TT Girl 3 by Charlotte Mayo

In Part Three of this exciting tale, told from the perspective of Claudia, Marc/Michaela continues his/her exploration of the world of femininity. Marc discovers that not everyone is put off by his transvestism. To the contrary, there are those (of both genders) who find his extremely convincing disguise very titillating. Claudia is one. She is not only not repulsed by Marc becoming the beautiful Michaela, she is very turned-on by it.
Before long Claudia and Marc are having a serious relationship, which Michaela is an important part of. Marc is flattered when he is invited to be a bridesmaid as his female alter ego and Claudia thinks that is a wonderful idea. Things continue from there until Marc has to testify in court-as Michaela-in an assault case. As much as he adores being an attractive female in public, Marc is terrified about the prospect of having to appear before a judge in a dress. Continue reading

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938 Under Cover by Philippa Peters

A good police officer should be ready for any assignment. Charley Howell is a good cop but no amount of training could possibly prepare him for what the Department has in store for him. Because of his short stature and slight build, he’s the perfect undercover to pretend to be a crossdresser to penetrate the gang that’s using the real girls to conduct its business.
Charley does it-reluctantly–but his wife understandably objects to her husband having tweezed eyebrows and streaked blonde hair, looking more feminine than he does. In this first of three parts, we follow Charley as he’s lead further into the worlds of femininity and organized crime. He soon realizes that it’s hard to keep your mind on your job as a male police officer when you’re the prettiest girl on the block. Continue reading

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Compulsory Figure by Linda Thomas

Marisa restrained me, though, and wouldn’t let me out of my panties for the longest time. Then she rolled me over. It was her favorite position, to be on top of me. I wanted to be on top but it wasn’t worth fighting over as she was so beautiful and her body was so active.
She liked to make love to me, long and slowly, waiting until I was a total, nervous wreck before she let me enter her. Then she’d succumb to my male lusts. She said she was trying to get me to be a more gentle lover. She said my future wife and girl friends would love her for teaching me how to be gentle and a little submissive. Continue reading

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937 Pauline’s Far-Western Adventure by Dulci Daily

Miss Pauline Spurtridge, a tall, dignified lady with a seven-inch secret beneath her skirt, leaves the comforts of Boston in 1900 to seek erotic adventures in the Far West.
Her plan is to lead a double life as a prim schoolmistress by day, and a lady companion at an exclusive gentlemen’s club by night–but she finds much more adventure, and much more delight, than she had planned. Continue reading

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936 The Reluctant Bride by Delphinia Longstreet

Two stories. In The Reluctant Bride, a slightly-built young man falls for a woman who has very specific preferences in men. She likes them feminine and in women’s clothing. That’s not anything he had ever considered in his life but for her affections, he’s willing to try anything, including taking female hormones and growing breasts. When they break up, to his/her rescue comes none other than her father, a professor. He seems to have the same preference as his daughter and he wastes little time in making that known.
In Alexandria & Katherine, Sheriff “Kit” Carson, nearly six foot worth of woman, also has a preference for femme boys. When Assistant D.A. Alexandria Barrett comes into her office, Sheriff Carson feels a strange attraction to the beautiful petite blonde. The two start dating surreptitiously and months pass before Kit discovers the secret about Lexi that makes her so appealing. Continue reading

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