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869 Finally, He Became A Sweet Farm Girl by B C

The incredible story of Sandy and Ben, two boys who have been transformed into Sandy and Beth Ann, continues. As confusing as their unasked-for transformation is for the two, the powerful female hormones coursing through their bloodstreams are starting to make them accept-even enjoy-their new pretty faces and voluptuous bodies. It doesn’t hurt, either, that every guy in their school is drooling over the two hot new girls in town. Two boys in particular, John and Phil, have taken a shine to Sandy and Beth, as evidenced by the bulges in their jeans. How flattering for two former boys trying to adjust to wearing bras and panties. Unbeknownst to any of the youths, their moms have hatched a plan to ensure that the two young beauties stay in the roles forced upon them permanently. Continue reading

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She Made Me A Womanless Beauty Pageant Winner by Janice Wildflower Gemini

Karol becomes Caroline to enter the womanless beauty pageant. A misbehaving young man with a panty fetish is turned into a full-fledged cross dressing well-behaved sissy by his dominant girlfriend with the permission and assistance of his mother. And then he is forced to live a girl’s life under the instruction of his girlfriend’s mom; along with his mom’s girlfriends. And while looking and having to act as a girl everyone knows that he is a boy learning to pass as a girl as he is the town’s entry in the county womanless beauty pageant. Continue reading

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CRÈME ou CAFÉ by Bébé Talons

Shyly, Mark raised his eyes and gazed at the rounded femininity seated before him. Her face showed her African heritage and he saw that she was the same black from head to toes, except between her toes and deep between her legs, she was pink! Her firm, proud breasts with their erect nipples stood upright and solid. Her slim waist flowed into lyre shaped hips that crept downward to her perfect thighs, calves and feet. Mark swallowed nervously as he stared at her worshipfully. He cleared his throat and managed, “You. . . you’re. . . beautiful!” he finally got out.
“Thank you, Sweetie,” she whispered, gathering him into her arms and holding him tightly against her welcoming breasts. “I’m going to like having you around!” Continue reading

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More Tricks of the Trade, Crossdressing Tips by Carollyn Faith Olson

INSIDE TIPS AND TRICKS FOR THE BEGINNING CROSS-DRESSER: A follow-up to the instructional book, Tricks of the Trade, More Tricks gives further insight into make-up, dressing, passing and photography. If you are a crossdresser, a transgender person thinking about transition, or anything in between, you need this book. Continue reading

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868 A Plague of Men by Philippa Peters

Continuing the story begun in 865, Another Fine Witch….
My lips began to tremble. Rob’s tongue slipped into my mouth. I found I was holding him tightly, his chest bouncing on my bra, arousing such strange feelings that I fought against. All the time, his hands caressed my shoulders and slowly slipped down the thin straps that kept my nightie and bra in place. He stroked me, my lower body held down by his weight as his mouth had its fill of me. I shook beneath him as I responded with pleasure at his kiss, wanting him so much. He made me feel so loved. Continue reading

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