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895 More Woman Than Witch by Philippa Peters

Arrat, now called Lady Arrathee by everyone, leaves the great ships to be settled in a Clanhouse as the wife of Peveret. She is welcomed as a wife, woman and sister, though she can be none of those.
Peveret uses all of his wiles, and potions, to make her desire to be his loving wife. But soon a price must be paid for being a Lady of the Land. Part that price is to return to Lady Arrathee’s homeland with a great invasion fleet, heavily armed and equipped to defeat the witch who still rules Arrat’s homeland. Continue reading

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894 Lady Stocking Lover by Blind Ruth

Inspector George Bentley is a cop. He is respected by his peers as a no-nonsense guy who backs up his men and gets the job done by arresting criminals. A real man’s man. When a serial killer starts targeting transgender women, Bentley puts aside any feelings he may have about the TG lifestyle to do what he always does: solve the crime. In the course of his investigation, he meets Josephine Briggs, the chapter president of Woman For A Night, a local transgender club. Although she works at a bank during the day as Joseph, at night and when at home, Josephine is as gorgeous a female as any red-blooded man could want. As Bentley begins working closely with her to solve the case, he finds himself irresistibly attracted to her. Continue reading

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893 Great Spirit’s Male Girl by Dulci Daily

Singing Sparrow, of the, Quoheemish tribe, is what is known as a male woman, ‘transgender’ in modern English. As such, she is regarded as special and is revered by her people.
When the White settlers arrive, she finds out that most of them do not see people like her the same way, however. She must keep her gender a secret from them lest she be reviled as a pervert. Not all White men think of her that way, however. Continue reading

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Be My Valentine by Gabrielle Johnson

EXCERPT: It wasn’t Mum who opened the door then to catch me in the nightie and makeup.
“Well, don’t you look pretty this morning?” asked Carole with a smirk.
“You, you left me with, with that pervert!” I screamed hoarsely at her. I tore at the wig on my head, trying to get the effing thing off.
“Don’t do that, Tina,” said my sister, still smiling at me. “You’ll ruin it. I’ll help you in a moment. Let me get rid of the pervert first!”. Continue reading

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Frat 7, Girls Better Late Than Never by Gabrielle Johnson

It took her half an hour of foreplay before Gillian finally took over completely and moved against him, pulling him down on her. She gasped at the size of his erection but she said nothing as she opened her legs again and let Max enter her as he had done before. Then, Jill was the sweetest most loving woman that Max Wagner had ever had. She wanted to kiss him through the whole process and didn’t fight with his hands as they sought to arouse her womanhood.
By morning, Jill lay in Max’s arms, rising over him, kneeling on either side of him as she let him bury his manhood into her. She bounced and gloried in his penetration of her, thanking him in her not too feminine whisper for making her into a Rho girl. Continue reading

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