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977 The Pendlebury Witches by Deena Gomersall

This story is based on actual events that took place in the North of England in the early 1600’s, known as the Pendle witch trials, though the main story is fictitious… Dan is an American engaged to a gorgeous Hispanic model. One day, out of the blue, he receives a letter informing him that he has inherited a cottage in England formerly owned by a Great Aunt he didn’t know he had. In order to claim his inheritance, he must go to England immediately.

Upon arrival, Dan discovers that he has in fact been lured there to assist a group of three witches in preventing mankind’s destruction. He is also told that to prevent Armageddon, he must also become a woman. After he reluctantly agrees to what he believes will be a temporary transformation to female, he gets some other information from a surprising source that tells him that everything is not as it seems. Continue reading

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She Made Me A Shemale Wife 2 by Janice Wildflower Gemini

Tim, now Tammy, avoided jail in fear of ending up as a prison girlfriend, and instead opted for house arrest. But then he found that the woman in his new life planned to turn him into a girl. And the feminization continues…

On female hormones as part of his sentence, Tim/Tammy is now growing breasts and getting more feminine every day. She’s also learning new lessons in obedience and how to be a good sissy. Indeed, there is no escape. Continue reading

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976 TV Times by Charlotte Mayo

Meet Char, a beautiful old-school transvestite, who can’t stand newfangled notions like being a woman trapped in a man’s body and needing a sex change. Char’s great aim in life is to pass as a woman, while remaining a man. Fortunately, Char’s devoted wife Nadine is always ready to give valuable help of every kind needed!

At the beginning Char is awkward and timid, indeed terrified of being read as a transvestite. Does she give up? Never. Using a disciplined, systematic approach to TV self-improvement, with detailed reports on what works and what doesn’t, Char improves her looks, her clothes, her wigs, her voice, and above all her self-confidence. It works: Char becomes gloriously successful at passing as a woman in theatres, restaurants, and more–even in church! Continue reading

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975 Aunt Cindy Falls in Love by Dulci Daily

This is TG fiction unlike anything you have read previously; three truly compelling stories about males who harbor secret desires about femininity who meet someone who shares their passion, masterly told.

Explaining too much about these stories would spoil your ability to discover them for yourself. You truly need to read these three short stories to see how captivating TG fiction can be. You will not regret the time you take to read this well-crafted, erotic book. Continue reading

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974 A Hard Debt to Pay by B C

This is the story of two young football heroes living in a town where football was king. The two young men made a terrible decision one night and it cost them dearly. Drinking and driving never mix. one young girl was killed and another hurt badly because of it. A local judge was tired of these types of cases and decided to make an example of the two young jocks.

Their lives would change in ways no one could have predicted. The judge ruled that, rather than send the boys to jail, she’d require that they replace the two girls. They would have to live, dress, and act like young women 24/7 until the judge decided they had learned their lesson. If that wasn’t humiliating enough for two boys, the dead girl’s aunt decides to further degrade them by slipping female hormones into their systems. Fate takes a hand as the two decide that trading shoulder pads for lacy bras may not be so bad after all. Continue reading

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