We love our customers – you are like family to us. We also know that navigating on the net – or even on one site like this – can sometimes get a bit confusing. Find help here. And if you still can’t figure something out after reading the help files, use the Contact FormWe’re here to serve you!







How can I be assured of privacy?

Reluctant Presstm is a crossdresser & transsexual owned company, and has been in business for over eleven years. Since we are experienced in this field, we are also very sensitive to the
needs of our readers. We realize, for instance, that the vast majority of our readers are married and have jobs that they do not wish to jeopardize. We understand! Before we began selling
books on the Internet, we sent them through the mail to thousands of satisfied customers. Print books are sent in plain wrappers with the return address of Mags, Inc. — pretty innocuous. In the case of online stories, we send your password via e-mail to the address you specify. The subject line simply says “Thank you.” Furthermore, the files themselves are password protected, so even if someone finds a file on your computer with a name like “99338.pdf,” they won’t be able to open it to see what it is without your personal password!

We also want you to know that we never sell or give away our mailing list, nor do we share your personal information with anyone ever. All information is kept to ourselves, and we never send you regular mail unless you ask to be placed on our mailing list. back


Why do I have to give my real name (and/or address) when I order from you?

The reason we ask for your name and billing address information is to verify that you are indeed the holder of the credit card you are using. This is designed to help prevent credit card fraud. Verification is done by computer and is completely anonymous. Nobody will be sharing your address with anyone, nor will any of this information be kept on file. back


I’m not sure I trust online ordering, isn’t there another way?

Yes, absolutely! We appreciate your concerns in this regard, and while we’ve never had a problem we understand your feelings. Other ways are:

  1. You may order through our partner Mags, Inc. by calling (800) 359-2116 or you may FAX your order to (818) 784-9563. Just be sure to include all the information that is marked with a red star on the order form.
  2. Use the printable order form at order.htm which can be either faxed or mailed to us.
  3. Send e-mail to sales@reluctantpress.com
    – be sure to include all the pertinent information. back


How long will it take for me to receive my password(s) for online stories?

Reluctant Press is a small TG-Family business, so we still lovingly process each order by hand. That means that someone actually has to be here to do it. Therefore, plan on receiving your password by e-mail by the end of the business day following the day you ordered. A “Business Day” is normally defined as Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays in the USA. Sometimes Ms. Chrissie or Ms Janet works late and sends out passwords sooner than you think, but we’d like you to plan on receiving it within about a business day. Important: Occasionally, people send us an order with a
bad email address. If you didn’t get your order when you were supposed to, it is probably because you mistyped your e-mail address and we’re sitting on “pins&needles” waiting to hear from you. So write! back




How can I get my books onto my Kindle/e-book reader?

All newer Kindle readers handle PDF files natively without any help at all. And even if you have an OLD Kindle, you can still get an update to handle password protected PDF files: update.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to save the book to your computer.
To transfer PDF and other Office documents from your computer to your Kindle reader, you can connect the Kindle to your computer, using the USB cable that came with your Kindle reader (Hint: It’s also the charger cable!).

After a moment, the Kindle will appear as a separate drive in My Computer or Windows Explorer. On a Mac, the Kindle should appear as a drive on your desktop. You can drag and drop files from your computer desktop to the Kindle drive and they’ll be copied to the Kindle’s memory. It might help
(just so they’ll be easy to find on your Kindle) if you double click the Kindle’s icon on your computer and navigate to “Documents” – copy your files to that location.

If you can’t find your Kindle USB cable or don’t want to use it for some reason, you can transfer documents from the computer to your Kindle wirelessly.

All Kindle users have a person email address that looks something like this – name@free.kindle.com or myname@kindle.com – check your Amazon account.
Any files that you send to this email as an attachment will auto-download to your Kindle while you are connected to a  Wi-Fi network.

You’ll need the password to read the full editions and you’ll have to enter it each time you open the book. This is one of those things we’ve been tinkering with but for now you always need your passwords handy.


Can I read books on my Ipad?

You bet! You can read the Preview editions right inside Safari. To read the full, password-protected
editions you’ll need to get the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader app – here.

In Safari, tap the link for the book you want. This will open the free books directly. For the full books, you’ll get a dark page; at the top of that page a button will say “Open in Adobe Reader” – click that. By the way, this button bar only appears for a moment, but if you miss it just tap at the top of the book document and it will reappear! The book will be transferred to the Adobe Reader where you’ll need to enter your password. Bonus: As long as your book is open in the app, you won’t have to re-enter your password. Every time you go back to Adobe Reader, it will be sitting there waiting for you.


Why do I just get a blank page when I try to download a book?

Some browsers are set up to begin opening a book inside the browser program as soon as the download starts. If your browser is set to open Acrobat files inside the browser, we STRONGLY recommend that you RIGHT-CLICK the link (One-button Mac users, click and HOLD until the options menu pops up), and select “Save
target as…”
(Explorer) or “Save Link As..” (Firefox) Choose the default-indicated name (the name of the pdf file.) …be sure to remember WHERE you saved it on your computer!
If you double click the link and the Acrobat file gets opened inside your browser, you can still save it to your local disk by selecting the “Save” icon in the Acrobat Reader window, or by selecting File/Save As.. You can also change the way your browser is configured so you don’t have to use right-click. Reminder: These files are *big*, with full versions ranging from 280 K to over 4 megs (although most full editions are around 600 kilobytes) so be sure to allow enough time to download them.back



I think I got the wrong book!

Please double check everything about your order before you send it. It is very important that you give us the right information so that we can properly serve you. But if we make a mistake, we will make it
right. Customer service is very important to us! back


I’m having trouble with a file.

If your problem is with Adobe Acrobat, there is some pretty good help available at www.adobe.com. If your problem is with our site, write to the webmaster@reluctantpress.com and we’ll try to help. back


Why do I have to enter a password every
time I read my story?

The password feature serves two important functions, and while it can be slightly annoying it can also be a life-saver.

  1. First of all, it allows us to distribute stories online after having spent thousands of dollars developing and illustrating them. The password is also a copyright-protected item, which
    helps us ensure that the author, artist and editor will be protected.
  2. The password also protects you. Even if someone finds a file on your computer with a name like “99338.pdf,” they won’t be able to open it to see what it is without your password. This protects everyone to the greatest possible degree. back


What if I lose my password?

No problem, just send us your customer information along with the book title (for verification) and we’ll resend it to you (to the address you originally had it sent to). We really do want to keep
our customers happy! back


What do I do if I have a question about my order?

Write us! Most problems are easily solvable with an exchange of e-mail. Write to sales@reluctantpress.com – We’re very customer-friendly and we always try to be accommodating.

If you prefer, you may write to us at Reluctant Press, P.O. Box 5829, Sherman Oaks, California 91403 – or you may call our printing partner Mags, Inc. at (800) 359-2116. You may also send us
a fax at (818) 784-9563 . back



What if I decide I don’t like a story after I order it?

We’re not a monolithic corporation — we’re a small family business that really believes in serving the transgender community. If you have a problem with a particular story, let us know and we’ll try to
work it out with you.

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