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953 The Nanny by Simone Reynolds

Mark Holbrooke is not the most macho man alive. Not a sissy, either. He’s thrilled when his wife Kay announces that she is pregnant with their first child. Unfortunately, not very long into the pregnancy, Kay is diagnosed with cancer. The baby, a boy, is carried to term but because of her illness Kay is unable to breast feed little Peter.
By accident Mark discovers that he is able to produce breast milk, so he takes over nursing his son. Not only does he find this pleasurable but he discovers that his mammaries are growing. Kay finds it amusing to have Mark dress as a woman so that he can shop for baby supplies. In his entire life, Mark had never considered wearing women’s clothing, let alone being a mother but now his life had taken a strange new turn, one he increasingly finds that he enjoys. Continue reading

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913 How Hal Comes to Marry His Sister’s Husband by BC

Just before 18-year-old Hal heads off to college, he receives news that his older sister was tragically killed in an auto accident, leaving her husband Gil to take care of their newborn baby alone.
Hal volunteers to travel across the country and help Gil with the new baby until he can get his life put back together. In this new situation, Hal finds he loves taking care of the baby, and Gil. He learns to cook and clean, and when the emergency need arises, even breast feed. And Gil is noticing…. Continue reading

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854 Mama’s Experienced Daughter by Philippa Peters

The former Erich, now Erika,’s life becomes even more complicated. Still anatomically male, she is a beautiful woman pursued by several handsome men even as her relationship with Carol takes a new turn. Carol is now pregnant with their first child, a daughter, courtesy of samples of Erika’s sperm taken by her doctor before she began her hormone regime. Yes, beautiful, much sought-after Erika is now a husband and father. As confusing and complicated as Erika’s life has become, she adores being a mother and wet nurse to her new child. And just to throw a monkey wrench into this complex situation, Erika has discovered the erotic joy in letting a man make passionate love to her. How can she possibly reconcile all the conflicts in her life? Includes Adult TV themes. Continue reading

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