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978 Dearly Beloved Sub by Dulci Daily

Jack, a young man in high school, has a crush on Sarah, a girl with, shall we say, unusual looks. He is too shy to approach her, however. David Ballmoore is a classmate of his who is reputed to be gay, something Jack is revulsed by. When he gets to college, Jack is surprised to find that David is now living as Desiree and that she is following the ways of the native people of their area.
One of those ways is that the function of a girl like her is to be a kabavoomish, a kind of substitute for a woman to serve a man who does not have one of his own. Desiree has a strong desire to be Jack’s kabavoomish and sets out to achieve her dream. Despite her opposition to everything he perceives as gay, Jack finds himself becoming attracted to Desiree’s newly-acquired femininity. What happens after that is unlike any other TG story you have ever read. Continue reading

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976 TV Times by Charlotte Mayo

Meet Char, a beautiful old-school transvestite, who can’t stand newfangled notions like being a woman trapped in a man’s body and needing a sex change. Char’s great aim in life is to pass as a woman, while remaining a man. Fortunately, Char’s devoted wife Nadine is always ready to give valuable help of every kind needed!

At the beginning Char is awkward and timid, indeed terrified of being read as a transvestite. Does she give up? Never. Using a disciplined, systematic approach to TV self-improvement, with detailed reports on what works and what doesn’t, Char improves her looks, her clothes, her wigs, her voice, and above all her self-confidence. It works: Char becomes gloriously successful at passing as a woman in theatres, restaurants, and more–even in church! Continue reading

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973 She’s Having A Ball by Alex Miller

A young man thinks that making a trip through the country before he has to start living an adult, responsible life is a good idea. He finds out that one doesn’t have to be guilty to be convicted of a crime. He also finds out that the punishment may not fit the crime.

Sometimes punishments can be more creative than prison, as horrible as that may be. Some punishments may be much worse, even life changing. He finds out that he is not breaking the rules, but he also finds out that one rule is meant to be broken. The one that defines him.. Continue reading

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972 Becoming Lynda by Delphinia Longstreet

His name is Lynn. He’s always hated it because it’s a girl’s name. It’s actually somewhat fitting, however, as his mother always treated him like a girl. He hated the fact that he had soft skin, no ability to grow facial hair and the body of a young woman. Desperate for a job, he finds one working for Deborah Parsons.

Deborah is a very demanding woman who knows what she wants. When she gets her first look at Mr. Lynn Marion, she sees exactly what she wants. Before he knows what’s hit him, Lynn is being feminized by Ms Parsons and turned into her personal maid. He resents the situation at first but eventually comes to realize that it is exactly what he was born for. When Ms Parsons takes the transformed young man into her bed, he finds out what joys physical love to someone you submit willing and totally to can give you. Continue reading

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961 Savannah’s Secret 2 by Charlotte Mayo

Since being introduced to crossdressing as part of a ruse, Jamie has fallen in love with everything feminine. Despite being heterosexual, he takes every opportunity to present himself to the world as a hot young woman. As he is extremely good at dressing up, he eventually finds a job as a female impersonator in London nightclubs. Audiences are stunned by “Sensational Savannah,” as Jamie calls his alter ego.
Things change over time, however. In his late twenties, Jamie finds that his act has gone stale and has to get another line of work. After a time as a secretary (working as a woman), a most unlikely ally comes to his rescue and helps him revive his female impersonation career-in Las Vegas. Things finally settle down into at least a semblance of normalcy for the best female mimic the Strip has ever seen. Continue reading

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