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939 TT Girl 3 by Charlotte Mayo

In Part Three of this exciting tale, told from the perspective of Claudia, Marc/Michaela continues his/her exploration of the world of femininity. Marc discovers that not everyone is put off by his transvestism. To the contrary, there are those (of both genders) who find his extremely convincing disguise very titillating. Claudia is one. She is not only not repulsed by Marc becoming the beautiful Michaela, she is very turned-on by it.
Before long Claudia and Marc are having a serious relationship, which Michaela is an important part of. Marc is flattered when he is invited to be a bridesmaid as his female alter ego and Claudia thinks that is a wonderful idea. Things continue from there until Marc has to testify in court-as Michaela-in an assault case. As much as he adores being an attractive female in public, Marc is terrified about the prospect of having to appear before a judge in a dress. Continue reading

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938 Under Cover by Philippa Peters

A good police officer should be ready for any assignment. Charley Howell is a good cop but no amount of training could possibly prepare him for what the Department has in store for him. Because of his short stature and slight build, he’s the perfect undercover to pretend to be a crossdresser to penetrate the gang that’s using the real girls to conduct its business.
Charley does it-reluctantly–but his wife understandably objects to her husband having tweezed eyebrows and streaked blonde hair, looking more feminine than he does. In this first of three parts, we follow Charley as he’s lead further into the worlds of femininity and organized crime. He soon realizes that it’s hard to keep your mind on your job as a male police officer when you’re the prettiest girl on the block. Continue reading

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934 Undertow 2 by Jasmine Jeffers

Conclusion. A special edition with 6 illustrations, UNDERTOW is the story of a young male college graduate who considers himself fortunate to immediately land a job with a prestigious Seattle private investigation firm.
Dressed as a company receptionist, the young man wades deeper into the corporate ocean while the sand continues to erode beneath his feet. He plunges into the role, only to underestimate the strength of the current. Around him swim the criminals— possible bank robbers, extortionists, and the sharks of an international prostitution ring. Continue reading

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933 TT Girl 2 by Charlotte Mayo

Marc Stimpson still hasn’t been able to shake the crossdressing bug, even though it has seriously interfered with his life, especially the personal relationship aspects of it. Don’t misunderstand, Marc loves beautiful girls; he just loves dressing up and going out as one equally as much. It’s difficult to reconcile that desire with his hobby of motorbike racing, as you can understand.
Still the itch needs to be scratched and that can only be accomplished by donning a beautiful dress, a wig and making sure his makeup is perfect. Into his life comes Nisha, a gorgeous young woman who fancies him. The question is will she also fancy Michaela, his alter ego? Into this confusing mix comes the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to be a bridesmaid at his sister’s wedding. Continue reading

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932 No Returns by Alex Miller

James Kazinsky is an average young man. Good-looking, not particularly aggressive with the girls. All his life, he has known that his mother wished that she had a daughter. When her 40th birthday rolls around, Jimmy lets himself be talked into dressing up as his Mom’s fantasy daughter for the day. Ellen, his mother, likes the fantasy so much that she begs Jimmy to stay Jamie for a little bit longer.
A few days become weeks as she arranges for ‘her’ to model for magazine covers. With the help of some surreptitious physical remodeling and hormone treatments, Jimmy finds himself emotionally immersed in the world of Jamie. That fact that his new girlfriend Angie seems to prefer him as a hot chick gives him second thoughts about returning to the world of masculinity. Continue reading

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