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CRÈME ou CAFÉ by Bébé Talons

Shyly, Mark raised his eyes and gazed at the rounded femininity seated before him. Her face showed her African heritage and he saw that she was the same black from head to toes, except between her toes and deep between her legs, she was pink! Her firm, proud breasts with their erect nipples stood upright and solid. Her slim waist flowed into lyre shaped hips that crept downward to her perfect thighs, calves and feet. Mark swallowed nervously as he stared at her worshipfully. He cleared his throat and managed, “You. . . you’re. . . beautiful!” he finally got out.
“Thank you, Sweetie,” she whispered, gathering him into her arms and holding him tightly against her welcoming breasts. “I’m going to like having you around!” Continue reading

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Impersonator – A Romance by Gabrielle Johnson

Sanity intruded on my thoughts. What was I thinking? She was a drag queen, wasn’t she? A drag queen was a guy. She was a guy, my little Barbara, the blonde cutie I’d rescued by first breaking her g-string and touching her emerging penis.
So, it was a very bad idea to go and see if I could find her, see if I could get her to kiss me again and see if it still seemed the same as it was when I’d kissed the lovely bride in my arms. I recalled her wonderful, girlie fragrance and the soft curves of her girlish body pressed against me. Continue reading

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862 Penelope Bright by Delphinia Longstreet

True to Penny’s prediction, two days later, I appeared before the camera wearing the most abbreviated swimsuit bottom I have ever seen – I mean, it was a string around my waist, a tiny patch that barely covered my pouting sex lips and another string between my cheeks to join the waist string in back! The top was equally abbreviated, being two quarter sized patches for my nipples and strings to hold it all together! And it was flesh colored to boot! Penny called it a money suit, two dimes and a dollar bill!
When I saw the rushes the next afternoon, from a distance it looked like I was completely naked! When I said as much to Penny, she laughed. “Soon, Hunny Bunny, you won’t even have that much covering that luscious bod of yours! I said nothing in rebuttal because I knew she was probably right! Continue reading

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861 Parachute Silk Dress by Monica James

B-17 Flying Fortress gunner Edgar Logan bails out and is captured by German S.S. but escapes and hides in a cave. He is taken in by a French family, the Foulards. The Germans know the family have one daughter. The daughter has been missing since she ran off to work the streets. Edgar takes the missing girl’s place but has to learn to look and act like a young girl. Ed discovers the latent crossdresser inside himself as he learns to live as a young woman. Nor is he the only one to enjoy his apparent femininity; German officers and French women alike appreciate his beauty and desire to take him to their beds. After numerous adventures, both in and out of bed, Ed returns to England. After the allies are finally victorious, our happy TV journeys to find the girl that sheltered him early on. Continue reading

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848 Mama’s Innocent Daughter by Philippa Peters

Set in post-war Germany, this first of three parts tells the story of Erich, who along with his sister, is separated from his family by the devastation of battle. The two youngsters are taken in by a older woman who mistakes the long-haired boy for a girl. Knowing that girls are treated better than boys, Erich plays along. When his benefactor discovers his true gender, she allows him to stay in frocks and makeup. She takes him to a doctor who administers hormonal treatment. Erika’s idyllic time is shattered when his/her birth mother shows up to reclaim him. Continue reading

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