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906 Made A Lesbian by Madeline Grey

James Bruce is a devoted husband to his wife Edith who owns a business, Howard Engineering. In his eyes she can do nothing wrong. However things come to a head when he finds out she is a lesbian and that her lover is Hannah, James’ sister. He does not want to divorce her but how can he, as a man, tolerate this situation?
Edith proposes an interesting solution to the dilemma. What if James became a woman himself? As radical as her idea seems to him at first, the more he considers it, the more he realizes that it is the perfect solution to an impossible problem. Before, long, James finds himself in low-cut dresses, panties, and heels, spending his nights under the sheets between the wife he loves and his sister. Continue reading

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870 Strange Desires Fulfilled by Susan Strange

The third and final part of Strange Desires concludes with Norma, formerly Norman, being drawn further and further into his/her mother’s web. Margaret is determined to make forbidden love. There is no step she won’t take, no manipulation of her child she won’t resort to to have her way with her gender-altered offspring. As beautiful as Norma appears to be, Margaret must find a way to convince her to keep her male parts intact for that is part of Margaret’s disturbing erotic fantasy. Simultaneously, Mary has similar designs on her she-male niece Johanna. Can either of these new women escape the plans of their guardians or will they succumb to the forbidden seduction? Consider yourself to be warned. Continue reading

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