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974 A Hard Debt to Pay by B C

This is the story of two young football heroes living in a town where football was king. The two young men made a terrible decision one night and it cost them dearly. Drinking and driving never mix. one young girl was killed and another hurt badly because of it. A local judge was tired of these types of cases and decided to make an example of the two young jocks.

Their lives would change in ways no one could have predicted. The judge ruled that, rather than send the boys to jail, she’d require that they replace the two girls. They would have to live, dress, and act like young women 24/7 until the judge decided they had learned their lesson. If that wasn’t humiliating enough for two boys, the dead girl’s aunt decides to further degrade them by slipping female hormones into their systems. Fate takes a hand as the two decide that trading shoulder pads for lacy bras may not be so bad after all. Continue reading

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970 A Girl So Young by Dulci Daily

18-year-old Wendy (nee Wendell) looks like a pretty little girl and her domineering, man-hating mother has trained her in girlishness.

This makes Wendy the perfect candidate to assist the police as a part-time Molester Detection Specialist (MDS), attracting would-be child molesters to have sex with her and be arrested for attempted molesting. Wendy is highly successful as an MDS, but the job leads her into surprises she could hardly have imagined–some almost too dreadful, others too wonderful to believe. Continue reading

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960 Evelyn’s Proper Education 4 by Elizabeth Anne Nelson

In the tradition of Adventures In Petticoats Series we present the fourth book of a six part story about Evelyn Drover’s transformation from a rough motorcycle gang leader into a toddler, teenager, and then demure young woman by his stepmother and her six daughters…
In Book 4, Evelyn Becomes A Sex Object, Evelyn discovers himself as a teen-age girl attending high school as a Sophmore. Evelyn adds to his feminine skills by becoming a cocktail waitress and maid for Mrs. Francis. When he tries to run away Mrs. Francis decides to teach him what Marilyn Monroe meant when she said that she felt that she was trapped in a rubber suit of femaleness….. A special edition with 6 illustrations Continue reading

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958 Savannah’s Secret by Charlotte Mayo

Madeline has been hiding a secret for years. She has been lying to her former fiance, telling him that she has been raising their daughter in order to get money from him. In fact, she put the child up for adoption soon after her birth. Now, after 18 years, Oscar has announced he is coming to see his daughter. If he realizes that her story has been a lie, Madeline may go to prison. What can she do?
After much thought, Madeline decides on a desperate plan. She will dress up her 14-year-old son as a young woman and introduce “her” to Oscar as his own progeny. Her son is disgusted by this idea but reluctantly goes along with it. The disguise works better than anyone could imagine, however, and young man who has felt like a failure all his life starts to enjoy the feeling of being beautiful. Continue reading

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952 Jimmy’s Foolish Mistake by BC

Gabe Davis is a lonely young man who lives with his mother in a rural area. There aren’t many other kids around for him to play video games with, except for Jimmy Peters. Unlike Gabe, Jimmy is one of the popular kids at school, especially with the girls.
But Jimmy has an ulterior motive. He starts having Gabe dress up in his Mom’s clothing so the two boys can play house. Things escalate until Sue, Gabe’s Mom, walks in on Gabe giving Jimmy oral sex. Sue sees an opportunity to take things in a different direction: She starts feminizing her son. Much to their surprise, the two boys find that this isn’t nearly as distasteful as they would have imagined. Continue reading

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