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972 Becoming Lynda by Delphinia Longstreet

His name is Lynn. He’s always hated it because it’s a girl’s name. It’s actually somewhat fitting, however, as his mother always treated him like a girl. He hated the fact that he had soft skin, no ability to grow facial hair and the body of a young woman. Desperate for a job, he finds one working for Deborah Parsons.

Deborah is a very demanding woman who knows what she wants. When she gets her first look at Mr. Lynn Marion, she sees exactly what she wants. Before he knows what’s hit him, Lynn is being feminized by Ms Parsons and turned into her personal maid. He resents the situation at first but eventually comes to realize that it is exactly what he was born for. When Ms Parsons takes the transformed young man into her bed, he finds out what joys physical love to someone you submit willing and totally to can give you. Continue reading

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967 The Unmaking of Abigail by Philippa Peters

In Part One of this sweeping saga, Jeffrey Dowerson was transformed by alien medical technology in Lady Abigail, a beautiful young woman to all outward appearances.
Now as interplanetary war rages around her, Lady Abigail needs to look like a man again to escape imprisonment. Although she is transformed once more, she still retains her female mannerisms and much of her feminine appearance. That makes her vulnerable to assaults from the sex-starved soldiers. Having adjusted to living as a woman, the new Jeffrey is embarrassed when he encounters his former husband. Although he tries to pretend otherwise, Cory still loves the woman he knew, despite her outward appearance. But can Jeffrey be married once more to Cory as he now is? Will Cory get tired of loving a woman who isn’t exactly a woman anymore? Continue reading

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966 Evelyn’s Proper Education 6 by Elizabeth Anne Nelson

Conclusion… In the tradition of Adventures In Petticoats Series we present the conclusion of a six part story about Evelyn Drover’s transformation from a rough motorcycle gang leader into a toddler, teenager, and then demure young woman by his stepmother and her six daughters.
Book 6, Evelyn’s Suitable Career – she finds that her education has been wildly successful. Evelyn may have never wanted to take this journey, but now she is arriving at her destination; and more thoroughly than one might imagine as she completes her journey to womanhood, finding career fulfillment as a housewife. Continue reading

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965 Jack’s Pack by Monica James

This is a transgender story with a difference. It is almost certainly unlike any other you’ve ever read. Jack is an experienced crossdresser; Bren is his curious but inexperienced friend. Bren accepts an offer to move into “Jack’s Pack,” a small colony of similarly-minded people. Things seem relatively idyllic until Steve is introduced to the group.
He presents himself as a person willing to help crossdressers with their expenses out of the kindness of his heart, but his “charity” hides a sinister secret. Before long, Jack, Bren and a couple of bi-curious girls are involved in something they never thought they’d have to deal with, something that leads them down a dark corridor into murderous self-protection. And all the boys ever wanted was an opportunity to wear some pretty clothing in public. Continue reading

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964 The Making of Abigail by Philippa Peters

Lt. Jeffrey Dowerson was a loyal soldier and a good man. He fought bravely for his side in a war on a planet far away from Earth. When he gets captured by the enemy he assumes he will be put to death. His captors, however, have a different fate in mind. They use their science to turn captives into women to serve the men in a society in which genetic girls are in scarce supply.
Even as Jeffrey’s mind is fighting the notion of being a female desired sexually by men, the drug coursing through his/her veins gives her incredible feelings of femininity. Incredibly conflicting thoughts run through the newly-minted Abigail’s brain as she is auctioned off to be a rich man’s bride. Even on her wedding night, as pleasurable as being penetrated by her new husband feels, “she” has the sense that she should still be the man’s man soldier she was born to be. Continue reading

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