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976 TV Times by Charlotte Mayo

Meet Char, a beautiful old-school transvestite, who can’t stand newfangled notions like being a woman trapped in a man’s body and needing a sex change. Char’s great aim in life is to pass as a woman, while remaining a man. Fortunately, Char’s devoted wife Nadine is always ready to give valuable help of every kind needed!

At the beginning Char is awkward and timid, indeed terrified of being read as a transvestite. Does she give up? Never. Using a disciplined, systematic approach to TV self-improvement, with detailed reports on what works and what doesn’t, Char improves her looks, her clothes, her wigs, her voice, and above all her self-confidence. It works: Char becomes gloriously successful at passing as a woman in theatres, restaurants, and more–even in church! Continue reading

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975 Aunt Cindy Falls in Love by Dulci Daily

This is TG fiction unlike anything you have read previously; three truly compelling stories about males who harbor secret desires about femininity who meet someone who shares their passion, masterly told.

Explaining too much about these stories would spoil your ability to discover them for yourself. You truly need to read these three short stories to see how captivating TG fiction can be. You will not regret the time you take to read this well-crafted, erotic book. Continue reading

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969 Redemption by William Kincaid

By day he is Tim Hawkins, a mild-mannered ranger for the National Park Service in Philadelphia. By night, he transforms into Cindy, the beautiful woman he was born to be. It’s never easy to be transsexual and it’s even more difficult when the men you meet are ashamed to be seen with you in public. When Cindy meets Lee, a tall, handsome black man who isn’t afraid of what she is, she can’t believe her luck. Lee seems to good to be true.
With the help of two unlikely friends, one a female amputee veteran and the other a sexually uptight born-again Christian girl, Tim decides to make one last attempt to find happiness as Cindy, hopefully in the arms of Lee. He, meanwhile, has to deal with his parents’ conservative Christian attitude toward anything they perceive as gay. As much in love as they are, can Cindy and Lee find contentment in the face of such opposition? Continue reading

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955 We’re No Ladies by Philippa Peters

Just when you think you’ve read every variation on the standard TG novel, along comes this one. Janet’s never liked being a six-foot, four-inch tall woman. Most guys are intimidated by her height. Drew, however, is not most guys, not by a long shot. The two become buddies, even going out on a platonic date.
Soon, Drew confides in Janet. It seems he has a little secret. Drew likes to become Jessica whenever possible. The two go on a cross-dressed date to a costume party and although it feels a bit awkward to Janet, it’s actually a bit exciting for her too. Janet discovers that what suits her best is to be John, a tall, handsome man with a mustache who charms all the “ladies” in The Valley with his wit, as well as his ability between the sheets. Sometimes happiness comes along when you least expect it…and in a form you’d never expect. Continue reading

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953 The Nanny by Simone Reynolds

Mark Holbrooke is not the most macho man alive. Not a sissy, either. He’s thrilled when his wife Kay announces that she is pregnant with their first child. Unfortunately, not very long into the pregnancy, Kay is diagnosed with cancer. The baby, a boy, is carried to term but because of her illness Kay is unable to breast feed little Peter.
By accident Mark discovers that he is able to produce breast milk, so he takes over nursing his son. Not only does he find this pleasurable but he discovers that his mammaries are growing. Kay finds it amusing to have Mark dress as a woman so that he can shop for baby supplies. In his entire life, Mark had never considered wearing women’s clothing, let alone being a mother but now his life had taken a strange new turn, one he increasingly finds that he enjoys. Continue reading

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