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968 A Mother’s Cure for Misbehaving by BC

Jeff was becoming vulgar and mean and his Mom tried everything to get him under control. Finally one day, not knowing what else to do, she decided on an unconventional method of punishment that had apparently helped some other boys in the same situation.
Mom managed to put him in panties and a cami and painted his toes, knowing he wouldn’t sneak out to be with his friends like that. Jeff’s Mother and sister conspired to feminize him more over the coming weeks and months. He strenuously resisted at first but the hormones they were sneaking into his food eventually overcame his resolve to stay all-boy. Jeff, now Jenny, soon finds herself having to decide between two handsome suitors, even while she fears that they might discover the secret hiding in her frilly pink panties. Continue reading

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965 Jack’s Pack by Monica James

This is a transgender story with a difference. It is almost certainly unlike any other you’ve ever read. Jack is an experienced crossdresser; Bren is his curious but inexperienced friend. Bren accepts an offer to move into “Jack’s Pack,” a small colony of similarly-minded people. Things seem relatively idyllic until Steve is introduced to the group.
He presents himself as a person willing to help crossdressers with their expenses out of the kindness of his heart, but his “charity” hides a sinister secret. Before long, Jack, Bren and a couple of bi-curious girls are involved in something they never thought they’d have to deal with, something that leads them down a dark corridor into murderous self-protection. And all the boys ever wanted was an opportunity to wear some pretty clothing in public. Continue reading

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962 Team Spirit 2 by Deena Gomersall

The story picks up after Chris has been thoroughly feminized by his captors and forced to live as a young woman for several months. Despite the emotional discomfort, Chris has to admit to himself that being pretty isn’t all bad. He takes a job at a seedy local nightclub only to find out that Leroy, the owner, has plans for him.
He is forced into prostitution with the club’s patrons. Leroy even manages to have Chris get breast implants against his will. It seems as if Chris will never be able to return home. How can he possibly face them looking like a sexy young woman? When things seem their bleakest, an unlikely would-be savior arrives on the scene. Rick wants to help Chris with his problem. At the same time, though, he finds himself fighting a powerful attraction to the beautiful girl he knows is actually a guy. Continue reading

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961 Savannah’s Secret 2 by Charlotte Mayo

Since being introduced to crossdressing as part of a ruse, Jamie has fallen in love with everything feminine. Despite being heterosexual, he takes every opportunity to present himself to the world as a hot young woman. As he is extremely good at dressing up, he eventually finds a job as a female impersonator in London nightclubs. Audiences are stunned by “Sensational Savannah,” as Jamie calls his alter ego.
Things change over time, however. In his late twenties, Jamie finds that his act has gone stale and has to get another line of work. After a time as a secretary (working as a woman), a most unlikely ally comes to his rescue and helps him revive his female impersonation career-in Las Vegas. Things finally settle down into at least a semblance of normalcy for the best female mimic the Strip has ever seen. Continue reading

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959 Team Spirit by Deena Gomersall

Chris Jennings is a huge fan of the Buffaloes. His mood rises and falls with the team’s fortunes. One day he makes the fatal mistake of getting lost in the city that hosts the Bufflaloes’ bitter rivals, the Titans. Three boys who are as crazy about them as Chris is for the Buffaloes see him and decide it would be good fun to hold him captive to teach him which team he should root for.
Once they have the slightly-built boy in their dingy apartment, they decide it would be even more fun to force him to dress like a girl. Over the next several weeks, Chris finds himself dressing in female clothing 24/7. Even worse, the three boys start using him as their sex slave, making him service their needs. — Part one of two. Continue reading

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