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927 A Dish Served Cold by Simone Reynolds

This is the story of Philip who is transitioning to become Philippa. After returning from seeing an old friend, she is badly beaten. As she recovers from the assault, she is forced to confront many aspects of her life up to that point, including how her transition has affected her ex-wife.
Fate has a strange way or intervening in our affairs, as Philippa finds out, leading her to a new life and new relationships as she her new existence as a woman. Ultimately she has to face her attacker one more time. What happens then changes more than just her life. Continue reading

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Madam Dominatrix 2: Revenge by Blind Ruth

Madam Desiree has returned to the Palace of Domination after her forced vacation because of police investigations. She has revenge in her heart for her old school Mistress, Madam DeBovary, and seeks her out to lure her to the Palace.
Phoebe, now a free woman, pleads with Madam Desiree for a job – for she too seeks out her lover, Chloe. To do so, she has to relinquish her freedom and fall into the hands of another cruel Dominatrix. Will Phoebe find Chloe and reunite? Will Madam Desiree get her revenge? Continue reading

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Avenger by Jeri Ellen

A transgender Hispanic boy is raised by his older sister following the death of his mother while giving birth to him. When he learns of the torture and murder of his father he makes plans to seek revenge while his sister helps him transition from male to female. He gets his revenge and completes SRS, then marries a doctor he has fallen in love with. Continue reading

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845 Katie’s Revenge by BC

Ken is the quintessential macho man. Over time, he has fallen into the bad habit of going out after work, getting drunk, and then coming home and smacking around his wife. Katie finally decides that something has to give. She is put in contact with a group of radical women devoted to the cause of repairing abusive husbands. They go to work on Ken, transforming him physically and mentally into the beautiful Kendra. Kendra finds herself having to deal with the problems of being a woman in the workplace putting up with male co-workers who sexually harass her, knowing full well who she used to be. Katie and her friends force Kendra further and further into womanhood, including starting to date men, Kendra also has to deal with a son who has decided to follow in his Dad’s high-heeled footsteps. Continue reading

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819 An Affair He’ll Remember by Erin Summers

We all know that we shouldn’t cheat on our spouses. Putting morality aside, fidelity is an especially good rule to follow when one is married to a woman with supernatural powers. Bill finds this out the hard way when Allison discovers his affair with Crystal. Allison is too smart to fall for Bill’s lame explanation and decides that a fitting punishment for her wayward husband would be to have to spend some time as an attractive young woman. Before long, Bill, now Jill, is discovering how it feels when the (high-heeled) shoe is on the other foot, as the New Girl In Town has to fend off sexual advances from horny men and gets to wear a bridesmaid’s dress for the first time. Can a red-blooded father of two adapt to being the pretty one in the tight skirt and push-up bra? Continue reading

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